I found my way to carpentry by following my father’s lead.  I am a carpenter’s son and truly believe that sawdust is part of my genetic makeup. I remember watching my father turn nothing into something and being completely infatuated with the process. I began watching and absorbing what he would do, then using those skills as a foundation to begin honing in on and developing my own unique style. I would build small projects here and there, for family and friends, but never anticipated my love for craftsmanship would grow to what it is now.


Timber & Soul didn’t quite begin as a business venture. In fact, it comes from extremely humble beginnings.  It began with the desire to furnish my girlfriend’s first apartment.  She was starting from scratch and I saw an opportunity to begin expanding my skillset, while simultaneously providing her with custom pieces that fit her space and style.  After running out of space to put furniture in her home, I realized that I was passionate about creating customizable furniture.  I took a few pictures of what I made for her, put them online in hopes that someone would want me to furnish their first apartment, and was blown away by the response. Timber & Soul was born.



All of my work is 100% hand-crafted, custom, made to order furniture. I provide each customer with the ability to customize their furniture exactly the way they want it, no matter what their style may be.  I keep each customer informed and involved throughout the building process.  Using hand-picked solid lumber, my goal is to create durable, timeless furniture that will be cherished for years to come.